Foyer Sacerdotal Jean-Paul II
352, Chemin de la Percellière
01480 Ars sur Formans
Tél. (33) 04 74 08 19 00
Fax (33) 04 74 08 19 08


The Foyer Marcel Van

For secondary school teenagers (from the Fifth Year upwards) who wish to listen and keep their ears open to God with a view to a deeper understanding of the call voicing itself in their heart.
The "Foyer Marcel Van" gathers boys who wish to provide themselves with appropriate means to foster God’s call on their lives.
They lead the same life as all the young people of their age, attending secondary schools in Villefranche-sur-Saône, while choosing to live out a community life at the Foyer, as a means to keep their ears open and understand what voices itself in their hearts more clearly.

Presentation of the Foyer : For a deeper understanding of the Lord’s call
Proposals (in french) : A session : "Finding out more about the Foyer" - Week-end conducted by the Foyer
Contact : For all information needed

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