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The Seminary

For the formation of diocesan priests close by Saint John Vianney, in the spirit of the SJMV

Since it opened in 1988, the Seminary of the Society of St John Mary Vianney has been welcoming young men from all over the world. Its particular mission is to form diocesan priests close by the Holy Curé, in accordance with the orientations and instructions given by the Church. It puts the emphasis on the foundations of spiritual life, intellectual work, an intense community life and an openness to the various realities of the world and of the Church. Little by little, the pastoral formation assumes its full scope in close relation with parishes and movements.

On 4 October 2007 and together with him, we gave thanks to God for Bishop Bagnard’s 20 years of episcopacy. Less than a year after he arrived in this diocese of Belley-Ars, he inaugurated the first year of seminary studies —"propedeutic"— at Ars, together with Father Christian Portier. The Seminary developed with the help of Father Georges Druguet, Father Xavier Roquette and a large number of other people who each brought their own contribution to building the seminary.

All through the same period and in close relationship, the Society of St John Mary Vianney was taking shape too. To celebrate an anniversary means to take in a whole section of history, to become aware of a gift and to give thanks for all the fruit borne, for so many acts of generosity that made it possible for some great work to develop in a way that always goes beyond the participants themselves. "If Yaweh does not build the house, in vain the masons toil." (Ps 126 : 1)

When the founding days are over, what matters is to continue and endure in fidelity to the gift received while remaining open to the Holy Spirit’s present calls.. Indeed, in this respect, Ars is a blessed place for a seminary and an association of priests. The Holy Curé shows us the way to making a total gift of ourselves, for God’s glory and the salvation of the world. Here at Ars, the Lord likes to work with simple and poor means, and his action shines all the more clearly.

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