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Society of St John Mary Vianney

The Society of St John Mary Vianney was officially founded on 18 April 1990, by the Right Rev. Bagnard, Bishop emeritus of Belley-Ars. The SJMV proposes to gather diocesan priests wishing to renew their priesthood by drawing on the example of the Curé d’Ars.

We asked the Moderator of the SJMV to tell us what this Society of diocesan priests is committed to, and what role it plays in the training of future priests :
Father, could you give us more details about the SJMV, as to what it is and what role it plays in the training of diocesan priests and also for the support of the priestly ministry?

To answer your question, we need to go to the heart of Bishop Bagnard’s intuition —he is our founder. His preoccupation, initially —and this preoccupation has remained unchanged— can be summed up in a twofold interrogation:
- How can we help priests to live out their priesthood to the full, in the joy and fruitfulness proper to their ministry? and
- How can we contribute to the development of priestly vocations? By seeing happy priests who have a clear and correct vision of priesthood, young men will feel like becoming priests ; and all of them together, they will be able to bring forth abundant fruit in the mission. In our view, the figure of the Curé d’Ars is central, for it tells us something essential about the priest ; and as we are not Holy Curés of Ars, like him, we want to provide ourselves with means to make progress towards holiness. Moreover, the principal factor in the question of the training of priests is the unity to be achieved between formation itself and the way the ministry is carried out. This formation, which is centered on the spiritual life, is to be conducted in a sustained community life so that eventually, after ordination, the seminarians may be able to live up to it.

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