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For a deeper understanding of the Lord’s call

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a motto :
"To turn everything into joy !"
"Jesus looked steadily at him and loved him." (Mk 10 : 21)

the aim of the Foyer :
It welcomes boys who perceive a call from God. They wish to go on listening to Him in a favourable environment, by strengthening their baptismal grace.
A special team helps the boys in their search. It is composed of priests, an accompanying family, lay members and seminarians.
The boys’ families cooperate in their formation. They consider the "Foyer vocationnel" as a Church place whose mission is complementary to their parental mission.
The Foyer belongs to the Jean-Marie Vianney Society founded by the Right Rev. Guy-Marie Bagnard, bishop of Belley-Ars ; its purpose is to contribute to foster priestly vocations.

the boys welcomed there
Secondary school pupils from the Fifth Year to the Upper Sixth - Proposals for younger Secondary-school pupils.

who is Marcel Van ?
Marcel Van (1928-1959) was a Vietnamese who was only six when he first felt the desire to become a priest. But he soon met with many difficulties. On Christmas Eve when he was 12, he received a great grace during the night — the grace of turning suffering into happiness. Later, at the age of 14, he "met" St Teresa of Lisieux ("the Little Flower") for the first time, and he then maintained a very deep spiritual relationship with her. She was to reveal to him that he would not become a priest but Love’s hidden apostle. He entered the Redemptorist Order as a Brother and died a martyr in a communist concentration camp in 1959.

a formation fostering growth in Christ

- the spiritual formation
It is God who takes and keeps the initiative of the call. Silent prayer, the Eucharist, a retreat, the formation…

- the human formation
The discerning of a vocation must rest on a proper degree of balanced personal development.

- the intellectual formation

From the Fifth Year to the Upper Sixth in a nearby grammar-school, with a personal accompaniment in schoolwork.

- in a family and community environment

Learning to exercise freedom… for the personal growth of each boy according to his personality. And going back home every three weeks…

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a few proposals

- Finding out more about the Foyer
A session is conducted once a year to enable teenagers to learn about the various aspects of the "Foyer vocationnel" : school life, community and spiritual life. It is for boys (from the Fourth year to the Upper Sixth) inhabited by the project of a priestly or religious vocation and wishing to provide themselves with appropriate means to make progress and get a clearer insight into the call felt.

- Mountain camp
from July 7th to July 21th, 2011
for boys aged 12 to 14 and others aged 15 to 17.
This year, the camp is based at Combloux. We expect 40 to 60 teenagers wishing to spend two weeks of adventure together in a Christian spirit, and in the footsteps of several saints.
Sports, spiritual life, personal development, evenings sitting up over the fire, bivouacs etc.
Organised by the Pastorale des Jeunes de Belley-Ars (i.e. the diocesan pastoral centre for the youth), the camp is under the leadership of priests and seminarists of the SJMV.

- A camp in Ars in July 2011
from July 18th to July 24th, 2011

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Father Bertrand LESTIEN
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