Foyer Sacerdotal Jean-Paul II
352, Chemin de la Percellière
01480 Ars sur Formans
Tél. (33) 04 74 08 19 00
Fax (33) 04 74 08 19 08


Welcoming priests and seminarians

Sitting on a gentle slope, at the very place where Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass in 1986, the International Foyer sacerdotal is at once a large guesthouse and retreat centre dedicated to the service of priesthood. It is run by a number of priests, consecrated women and SJMV lay members. It is open to all priests.

Everyone should feel at home there, and enjoy a prayerful atmosphere full of warmth and simplicity, reflecting the heartfelt welcome that the Holy Curé d’Ars would give his fellow-priests, Devised to cater for visiting pilgrims, it also conducts retreats and formation meetings ("sessions"). "Wherever it is possible, the creation of a "House for priests" is to be diligently contemplated — a place where priests will be able to meet for formation and also to gather fresh physical and spiritual strength." (Directoire pour le ministère et la vie des prêtres, nn. 84-85 — translated from the French)

" That is why I am reminding you now to fan into a flame the gift that God gave you when I laid my hands on you." (2 Tim.:1,6)


The Foyer sacerdotal Jean-Paul II welcomes priests and seminarians, individually or in groups, for retreats or days of physical and spiritual renewal.

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