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The charism

The essential values of the charism can be summed up briefly as follows :

- A deep yearning to announce the Good News to the world : "As the Father sent me, so am I sending you" (Jn 20 : 21) - "Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel." (I Cor 9 : 16)

- The gift of oneself in a priestly consecration, following in the footsteps of Christ —Christ poor, chaste and obedient—, in the spirit of Saint John Mary Vianney.

- A great importance attached to the inner life centred through silent prayer upon the Eucharist celebrated and adored, and lived in union with Mary, Mother of the Church and of the priesthood.

- The desire and ability to live a certain degree of community life, with in particular some time of sharing centred upon the Gospel as a means for everyone to reflect on their lives and to spur one another on towards holiness.

- An earnest urge for a deepened understanding of doctrine attained by striving to draw nourishment through the Word of God and seeking great fidelity to the Magisterium.

- The will to work in one’s diocese while remaining open to other calls. The gift received through their ordination prepares all priests for a mission of salvation on a universal scale. The SJMV is a means approved by the Church to live in such readiness — as indeed every diocesan priest is supposed to (see Presbyterorum Ordinis, n.10 ; Optatam Totius, n.20 ; Pastores dabo vobis, n.32).

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